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Ed Gott has been in the information technology business for over 30 years. He began his career with the Burroughs Corporation in 1978.  He spent 20 years working for Burroughs, which became Unisys in 1986 when it merged with Sperry Univac. During that time Ed was involved in providing hardware, software and services solutions to companies and government agencies in Maine.

Over the last 10 years he has worked for Keane Inc, iCST, and ACS, providing staff augmentation, application outsourcing and application development services for large and small clients in Maine and Massachusetts.

During this time Ed has been involved in some exciting projects including the first major document imaging system to be implemented at the State of Maine, the largest application development project in Keane's history, and several staff augmentation projects providing as many as 20 consultants to an individual client.

After 30 years of working collaboratively with clients, Ed knows what is important and meaningful when it comes to helping businesses meet objectives.  This is what drove him to form Atlantic Staffing, LLC - The desire to create a customer-oriented organization that is dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their goals.

Atlantic Staffing recognizes that acquiring quality staffing resources is a critical component in the success of all businesses. Having worked for and with staffing companies over the last 30 years, we know what can be done better to make the experience as easy and cost effective as possible for our clients.

Our clients select Atlantic Staffing for many reasons:

  • Save money using a flexible staffing model.  Use resources only when you need them, without carrying them on as permanent expenses.
  • Make your existing staff more productive by freeing them from mundane tasks and leverage their organizational and industry knowledge on more strategic initiatives. Use temporary staffing for back-filling during new projects.
  • Take advantage of industry knowledge and technical expertise on an as-needed basis to augment your team.  Our consultants will provide knowledge transfer to your team.
  • Get your projects done on-time and on-budget. Help your bottom-line by using staff that have "been there and done that."
  • Minimize recruiting time and costs by using our free service to search for, screen and background check candidates before you interview them.  You will only see pre-screened, qualified, and motivated candidates.
  • Test drive potential new employees by bringing them in on a temporary contract and then convert them to a permanent employee using out Contract-to-Hire approach.